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Service Project:

Using United States Postal Service flat rate boxed, we are going to collect gently used children’s books to ship to South Rupshi, a small village in Bangladesh. Abul Kalam is the founder of the library, and he is looking for new or gently used English Language low level readers.

The books will be mailed to
Children reading in Bangladesh

Abul Kalam
Attn: Library Donation
Jamdani Weaving Factory
Village South Rupshi
P.O. Rupshi Bazar
P.S. Rupgong
Dist. Narayangonj

Idea from: Geographic Alliance of Iowa

More ideas may be found on their website:

Bangladeshi Stationary Making:

We are going to be making stationary, using powdered colored chalk, water and printer paper. This is inspired by one woman’s trip to Bangladesh and what she saw while she was there.

Materials: Printer paper (8 ½ by 11), tub big enough to fit paper, water, different colored chalk, freezer bags, enough Parmesan shakers for each different color of chalk

How to:

1. Place I color of chalk in a freezer bag

2. Hammer the chalk until it turns into a fine powder

3. Pour 1 color of powdered chalk into a parmesan cheese shaker

4. Repeat 1-3 until all the different colored chalk has been powdered and placed into separate shakers

5. Take a tub large enough to fit the printer paper in it, fill it ½ the way up with water

6. Sprinkle different colored chalk onto the top of the water.
Finished Stationary

7. Gently lay the printer paper on top of the water

8. Pull out paper

9. Let paper dry

10. Enjoy your colorful stationary

Idea from: Around the World in 40 Weeks

Pen Pal Activity:

This will be our final activity, students will write letters to Chittagong Grammar School Which is an International School in Bangladesh. This will give my students a look at Bangladesh that reading a book will not. Students will also get a better idea about Bangladesh by asking questions and getting responses.

What needs to be in the letters:
Children writing pen pals on a wall

· Introduction (First name, age, school you attend, things you like, etc.)
· At least one question about school, home, community and country
· One question about food, movies, music and sports
· Any other questions

Letters will be sent to:

Surson Valley , 448 / B Joy Nagar , Chatteswari Road, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Homework for weeks 5/2-5/6 and 5/9-5/13:

5/3- Math: work book pages 123-124, Reading: Frindle chapter 2 (both due on 5/5)

5/5- Science notebook due, Social Studies reading pages 200-210 and questions 5 and 6, Reading: Frindle chapter 3 (all due on 5/9)

5/9- Math work book pages 125-127, Reading Frindle Chapter 4 (all due by 5/11)

5/11- Rough draft of a letter to Bangladesh children, Reading Frindle Chapter 5, Science notebook (all due on 5/13)



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