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This is a map of Bangladesh, it links Dhaka to Chittagong. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh.

Most of Bangladesh lies within the delta formed by the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers. The land in Bangladesh is really flat and low, which means that Bangladesh frequently floods. Since the land is constantly flooded, the soil is very fertile.


Bangladesh is located in Southwest Asia, between India and Myanmar(Burma).


158,570,535 (Background note, 2010)


· Total area: 144,000 square kilometers;
· Land area: 133,910 square kilometers
· Land boundaries: 4,246 km total; 193 km with Myanmar, 4,053 km with India, Coastline: 580 km.
· Land distribution:
o arable land 67%
o forest and woodland 16%
o permanent crops 2%
Land in Bangladesh

o meadows and pastures 4%
o others 11%

(South asia:, 2010)

Rivers and Lakes

· Bangladesh has many rivers and lakes that crisscross throughout the country.
· There are hundreds of brooks.
· One of the largest rivers in Bangladesh is the Ganges
· The largest area of water in Bangladesh is the delta. Homes that are in that area need to be on platforms, because the land floods

(South asia:, 2010)


·Bangladesh has only three seasons:
o Summer- hot and rainy, very humid
o Rainy- Very forceful thunderstorms cause a lot of damage to buildings and other structures.
o Winter- temperatures do not usually go below 66ºF which is like our spring here in Illinois.

Natural Resources:
· The largest natural resource in Bangladesh is Natural Gas, which is harvested from some fields in the northeastern part of the country.
(Background note, 2010)

Plants and Animals:

· Evergreens
· 250 indigenous (native) species of mammals
o Lemurs
o Rhesus monkey
o Gibbons (monkey)
o Bengal Tiger
Bengal Tiger

· 750 types of birds
o Storks
o Flamingos
o Osprey
o Hawks

· 150 kinds of reptiles and amphibians

· 200 varieties of marine and freshwater fish
(Background note, 2010)


1. The largest natural resource in Bangladesh is:
a. Oil
b. Natural Gas
c. Gold
d. Water

2. Which animal is found in Bangladesh?
a. Platypus
b. Rhesus monkey
c. Cardinals
d. Raccoons

3. Which Two border Bangladesh?
a. India and China
b. Myanmar(Burma) and Japan
c. Myanmar(Burma) and India
d. China and Japan

Answers: highlight to see answer

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