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Bangladeshi terracotta seen on many temples and buildings in Bangladesh

Native People:

Bengali 98%, other 2% (includes tribal groups, non-Bengali Muslims)
(Background note, 2010)


-March 26, 1971 (from West Pakistan).
-December 16, 1971 is known as Victory Day and celebrates the official creation of Bangladesh
(Background note, 2010)

Significant Days in History:

British Rule Over India Ends(1947): A largely Muslim state comprising East and West Pakistan is established, either side of India. The two provinces are seperated from each other by more than 1,500 km of Indian territory. (South asia, 2010)

East and West Pakistan seperated by India

Awami League Creation (1949): The Awami League is created to campaign for East Pakistan's autonomy from West Pakistan. (South asia, 2010)

Awami League Creation

(1971): Awami leaders declare Independence, and rename East Pakistan; Bangladesh. (South asia, 2010)

Awami declares independence

Severe Flooding (1974): Severe floods devastate Bangladesh, killing about 28,000 people. (South asia, 2010)

Severe Flooding in Bangladesh in 1974

First Female Prime Minister (1991): Khaleda Zia Elected to become the first female Prime Minister, and the first Prime Minister in a Muslim country. (South asia, 2010)

Khaleda Zia First Female Prime Minister

Decision Made (2009): A decision was made about a decades-old dispute between two main political parties. The High Court decides that it was the father of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, and not late husband of her arch-rival Khaleda Zia, who announced independence from Pakistan in 1971. (South asia, 2010)

Army tank and officers trying to keep the peace during political protests, and turmoil

Second Female Prime Minister (2009): Sheikh Hasina swarn in as Prime Minister. (South asia, 2010)

Sheikh Hasina Prime Minister of Bangladesh

Glimpse of Bangladesh Today:

Bangladesh today is run by its second female Prime Minister; Sheikh Hasina. Bangladesh today is mainly Islamic with some Hinduism. (South asia, 2010)


1. Who was the first female Prime Minister of Bangladesh?
a. Khaleda Zia
b. Sheikh Hasina
c. Awami
d. No female Prime Minister yet
2. What year did Bangladesh gain independence?
a. 1971
b. 1948
c. 1996
d. 2009

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2. a

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