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Teacher's Page

Name: Kelly Walsh

Age: 23
Kelly Walsh


Associates in Arts: Elgin Community College (2008)

Bachelors: Illinois State University (December 2011)

Favorite Food: Anything Chocolate, pizza, sesame chicken, fried rice

If I could go anywhere I would go:

To Paris France, because I took French in high school, and I loved learning about the culture, food, and all the other interesting things Paris has to offer.

Email: kjwalsh@ilstu.edu

Educational Philosophy:
There are many things that I need to improve on in order to become a teacher, let alone a good one. One of the most important things that I need to improve on is my sensitivity toward the varieties of individual and cultural diversity, because it plays such a huge role in today’s ever changing world. I also need to improve my understanding of what affects learning and of appropriate teaching strategies, as well as interest in and ability to seek out informational, technological and collegial resources. Both of those play an important role not only in becoming a teacher, but once you are a teacher as well, if you do not keep up with new theories and technologies, then your lessons become outdated, and they might not be doing what they need to do, which is helping the child grow.

I am forever trying to increase my sensitivity toward the varieties of individual and cultural diversity. Coming from a city where the school population is 84% white, I have not had the opportunity to learn and experience a whole lot about different cultures. I am working hard on this because as a teacher I will not be in a classroom where the majority of its students are white. I am currently volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club of Bloomington-Normal, where the majority of the children are African American. I love every minute of it. They are teaching me so much, not just about a different culture than my own, but also how to manage a classroom. Because I work in the tutor center and more often than not, I am alone with 20 children who seem to need my help all at once. These children are strong children who sometimes seem to be a good ten years older than they should be, because of things they have experienced. They are forever teaching me new things, and I hope to be able to keep volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club for as long as I am able to. I plan on seeking out other opportunities to increase my knowledge of diversity. I will be going on the Urban Bus Trip that the College of Education is putting on.

I am forever learning, and growing, and I hope by the time I graduate, I am ready for the next step of learning, which is teaching. I also hope that once I become a teacher I continue to take technology classes, and learn about different cultures, and theories of teaching. I also hope to find other weaknesses that I might have, and fix those, and become an even better teacher.

Educational Links for Parents:

  • The Yahoo Kids website is full of fun information in easy language for children to understand.


  • This website Mama Lisa's World has Bangladeshi folk songs, with translated lyrics.


  • Cool Planet is another website that has some really nice facts, and activities if you want to learn more about the people, culture, religion, etc. of Bangladesh.