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Hi! I am a senior Elementary Education major at Illinois State University. I also have minors in: Spanish, Latino/a Studies, and Ethnic Studies. I plan to get certified to teach in a bilingual setting. I will be student teaching in Schaumburg, IL in the Fall of 2011. I can't wait to get my teaching career started!
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Educational Philosophy
The nine virtues are very helpful and important in finding who you are as a teacher. They help you set goals, and maybe even motivate you to come out of your comfort zone while teaching. I believe they are helpful because they cover a broad range of topics and problems that could arise in the classroom. They also allow you to view students in different ways and seeing them as contributors to the classroom rather than just children. A teacher is always learning new things to teach, new ways to teach, or even new ways of understanding topics in class from a students perspective. I believe the virtues are the values and principles we can use to become successful, proficient teachers.

A virtue I found to be very important is the intellectual virtue stating that we as teachers should have “contagious intellectual enthusiasm and the courage to be creative.” Based on my experiences as a student, I remember how important it was to me to do my best at all things even for something as little as an art project in 2nd grade. I remember doing something creative but different from the other students, and felt ashamed until the teacher came by and praised my hard work and creativity by patting me on the back and showing it to the class. I believe this is an important virtue and mind-set that a teacher needs to have to be highly effective in encouraging students to have the courage to be unique and creative. In the future, I would always make sure to mention to my students that their math problem, being a project or book report, does not have to be the same as their friends, or examples given in class. I would like to make sure that I make my point clear that I love to see new and creative ideas in class, because we all can learn from each other. By doing this, I hope I can instill the virtue in my future students the same as my 2nd grade teacher did on to me.

A moral virtue I found that will help me become a valuable teacher is the one stating to have “respect for all learners of all ages, with special regard for children and adolescents.” Based on my experience interning at an elementary school, in a fourth grade class, I can remember and incident with and ESL child. She had a student helper, but after observing I noticed that many times the student would jus give the ESL child the answers to the problems without explaining why or how she got the answer. This troubled me, so I talked to the helper on the side later that day and explained why it was important to try to explain how to solve the problem to help the ESL child rather that assuming she would not get it and just giving her the answer. I believe this to be a very important virtue to have for my self and my students in the future. I wish to use these past experiences as a guide for becoming a more successful teacher in the future. I will make sure to have my class learn how being respectful is understanding that all are capable of learning.

A very important moral virtue that I believe all teachers should have is “sensitivity toward the varieties of individuals and cultural diversity.” Based on my experiences as being a culturally diverse person myself, I have seen some great things teachers could do in class to help their students develop this virtue as well. In my old elementary school, I had a teacher who would have us each do a show and tell on our family and background and where we were from. I believe this helped students see and realize that we are all different and that it is fine. In the future, I will make sure my students understand and cherish the diversity in our classroom by being the first to share where I am from and some differences I may have from them.

I believe all three of these virtues will help me in becoming a thriving teacher for my future students. I will have a positive attitude toward diversity, creativity, and the different range of learners in my classroom. The nine virtues are not only essential, but are virtues that can be used everyday in the classroom to make a students lives easier, and by understanding what is expected by an effective teacher, that will help me achieve these virtues by experiencing them with my students in the future.

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