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Interactive Food Pyramid Bullitin Board I made with my clinicals 5th grade class (April 2011)

Ms Reza: Grade 5 – Science lesson plan: Nutrition (Food Pyramid)
40 minutes

By participating and completing a healthy meals picture, the learners will identify healthy eating habits that influence their body in a positive manner.

23.B.1 Identify healthy actions that influence the functions of the body (e.g., cleanliness, proper diet, exercise). 22.A.1b Identify methods of health promotion and illness prevention (e.g., obtaining immuni­zations, hand washing, brushing and flossing teeth, eating practices, sleep, cleanliness). 11.A.2c Construct charts and visualizations to display data.

Measuring cups, plastic foods, magazines, advertising supplements, supermarket fliers, scissors, construction paper plate, glue, Philippines wiki:
My Pyramid handouts retrieved from the USDA website:
Interactive food pyramid and game retrieved from the Nutrition for kids website:

AS1: Talk about how in the Philippines wiki they learned about the important foods as well as how different classes eat differently because they cannot all afford nutritious meals. Discuss as a class what the students ate yesterday, write those on board. Have them fill out the columns of the MyPyramid ws.
O2: Great! Now that we remember how important food can be, today we are going to learn about healthy food and you will get to create a healthy meal.
II3: Distribute the My Pyramid handout and discuss with the class the kinds of food in each level and what the triangular shape means. (The wide part shows the foods you should eat most often each day, and the narrower parts the ones you should eat in lesser amounts.)
M4: Experience the Nutrition for kids website as a class and go over the interactive food pyramid. Go over each Food Group and read more, the measuring cup link to show how much they should eat a day, and then briefly over the extras.
M5: Go over the serving amounts and sizes appropriate for them and have them write that in the boxes in the Goal column on their ws.
CU6: Play the Food groups game to review and call up students to click on different foods and put them in the correct category. Finish the game off as a class.
GP7: Have partners scan magazines and other illustrated, consumable materials for pictures of food. Then ask them to cut out the pictures, sort them according to the food groups, and place the pictures in the appropriate pile.
GP8: Tell partners that they are going to create a healthy "meal" by choosing pictures from each pile. Remind students to consult the Food Pyramid to be sure they are using healthy foods. Allow them the opportunity to make replacements as necessary. They can choose breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
IP9: When students are satisfied with their healthy meals, distribute the construction paper plates and ask students to use their pictures and glue them onto their plate to create their healthy meal. Have them write next to each item how many servings it is. Have them label their meal as breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and write their names on the bottom of their plate.
C10: Have each pair share their meal and explain it. Then go over to the bulletin board and put everyone’s meal on a class bulletin board entitled: Healthy Meals for Healthy brains.
Next Day: Review by putting up your food examples on the bulletin board as a class. Then have students put up their left over cut-outs on the food pyramid bulletin board.

Healthy meals picture

BD= Working with a partner allows cooperative group work without too many distractions, and call up to try game
ELL= My pyramid hand out and ws with important words and pictures, website exploration done as a class, and
cooperative group work.
Gifted= Can pair with ELL student
IEP/Emotional= Reduce stress by only calling on student if he wants to participate, cooperative
group work.

The online Teacher Resource website (Lesson idea) -

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