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Fine Arts Activity:

Background: Wild elephants in Thailand are endangered. Used to carry logs from Thailand’s rain forests, elephants lost their jobs in 1989 when Thailand banned logging. Today, some elephants at conservation centers paint pictures and make music to raise funds for elephant care.

Activity: In honor of the elephants valiant effort to raise money to save themselves from extinction, we too are going to make elephant art. However, instead of using our trunks to hold the paintbrush, we are going to use our mouths. This will give us a true feel for how difficult it may be for the elephants to paint. We will then hold a silent auction with our paintings to raise money that we will donate to their cause.
Painting by Hong the Elephant
Painting by Ging Gaow the Elephant

Early Elementary:

We will discuss folk stories in class and I will introduce some traditions that occur in Asian folk stories that may not occur in American folk stories. We will then read Ta-in and Ta-na. We will discuss what we can learn from this story or what the moral is. Next, students will draw a picture and write a short explanation describing one scene of the story. As a class we will "storyboard" the idea and put each students pictures in chronological order on the back bulletin board with the moral of the story appearing at the end. At the end of the year it will be bound in a book for future classes to look at.
Two Thai Men Fishing

Upper Elementary:

Students will practice conversion using multiplication and division. Students will be given various amounts of money and will have to decide what they can and can't afford from a Thai store by converting the amount of American dollars to Baht. Students will not be allowed to use calculators to solve their equations. The set up is as follows:

Congratulations—You have won a trip to Thailand!! Your trip includes airfare, hotel, and all meals for seven days. Your only expense will be souvenirs and gifts to take home with you. In order to purchase these you have saved up $400 dollars that you have decided you will spend while on your trip. As you move from shop to shop you realize that most places have the same prices and you want to make sure that you are spending wisely. In order to do this you will have to make sure that you know what each of your purchases costs in United States dollars.

A price list is included as well as a table for the students to fill out. We will have a competition to see who can make their Baht spread out the most and who can purchase the most things, the most different things, and others.

Thai Bhat

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